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  • a goat named July

    Back when we bought Sunflower River, and were talking about getting goats, and were working on building some infrastructure for goats, I had a conversation with a co-worker about her experience of owning goats. She said, “you know they’re a lot before you get them, but they are more even than you think. Be sure […]

  • the dance ground, the rain, and the mulch

    Over the last couple years, the mulch on our dance ground has gotten very thin, exposing the hard clay to a lot of sunlight, which hardens it further. And enables more weeds to grow. The purpose of the mulch-layer on the dance ground is to prevent weed growth, and to soften the earth under the […]

  • sticks, redux.

    sticks, redux.

    We conquered the stick pile! First we rented a big landscape chipper. Then we had to get it back to the stick pile. We almost didn’t make it past that part. Plan A had us driving the chipper up the neighbor’s road, and somehow getting this 1800 lb piece of machinery (on wheels) over the […]

  • this is the blog of apologizing for not making enough blog posts

    i aim to post here roughly once a month; apparently I can’t quite manage that this year. too much time goes by and the idea feels larger than it really is, because there is more to catch up on. and of course, there’s other stuff going on, that slows me down. maybe i can make […]

  • The Penny Floor Project

    first off, here’s the whole photoset in one shot. So, Jenny and I had been talking about making a penny-tile floor. For those of you who maybe don’t hang out on Pinterest, that means using pennies to tile a floor. it’s cheaper than regular tile (running about $1.44/square foot, vs upwards of $3 for most […]

  • a whirlwind summer becomes a whirlwind fall

    it’s so easy to get so far behind, here. we’ve been running to keep up with ourselves all summer, with the remodel project on top of just running the daily operations of the farm (garden, poultry, interns, events), and as summer begins to drop into fall, we’re still running to stay ahead of all those […]

  • turkeys in the snow

    every year, we process around forty turkeys for the thanksgiving market (including a few for our own table). these are the cage-free heritage-breed birds that we raise up from hatchlings starting in March. they are beautiful creatures, and get up to around 18 pounds. because they’re raised outside, and they’re heritage birds, and also because […]

  • Kat: Mahazda floorplan

    Here is the promised image of our brilliant new floorplan for the “new” house. In this image, north is the top. so what is marked as the kitchen, is where the garage presently is, etc. the central adobe area becomse the common room. we like this, because it preserves the structural heart of the old […]

  • Kat: 2013 Annual Retreat

    This is maybe a bit non-linear, and i apologize if that impacts its readability. I’ll do my best. Each year, Sunflower River takes a long weekend retreat to connect with each other, evaluate our current situation and our long-term goals, and plan our next year. For a variety of reasons, last year’s retreat was really […]

  • Kat: catching up

    i get so behind on this. I have Mahazda updates on the demolition work, we remodelled the Cottage bathroom a couple weeks ago, we’re working on tilling the garden for Spring, and then this past weekend, my beloved cat Tattersall died. it all gets to be a bit too much, sometimes. and then, you know, […]