Kat Heatherington

Kat: Mahazda floorplan

Here is the promised image of our brilliant new floorplan for the “new” house.


In this image, north is the top. so what is marked as the kitchen, is where the garage presently is, etc. the central adobe area becomse the common room. we like this, because it preserves the structural heart of the old house as the living heart of the new. we also like this layout because it provides a generous allottment of space for everything — the bedrooms, the office, the common room, the kitchen. a utility room, a mudroom area so we really can avoid tracking through the house, especially during mud season. two bathrooms. (TWO. just in that house. for a total of THREE on the farm. this sounds so heavenly. unless you have lived with six people and one bathroom, you have no idea.)

five minds are so much more powerful than any one by itself. this plan took all of us, in synergy, to create, and we are all so delighted with it.