Farm Sales

Sunflower River sells vegetable starts, eggs, produce, turkeys (in November only), and chicken


Sunflower River Farm Fresh Eggs are $5/dozen. We usually sell them directly to individuals on-farm or through Kat’s office at UNM. Our chickens are fed local feed (from Oñate Feeds), and are cage free, with lots of outdoor roam time and the company of other hens.

When we have more produce than we can use or preserve on the farm, we make it available for sale. The best way to keep in touch with produce sales is to join our Farm Sales mailing list (sign up here). Produce sales are occasional, and depend on us having a surplus of something that we don’t have time or ability to preserve. Sometimes we will have something, such as tomatoes, available on a more consistent basis for smaller sales.

Every year, Sunflower River raises 30-40 heritage-breed turkeys for November processing. We time the processing so that the birds are ready just in time for Thanksgiving, but if you want to reserve two and freeze one for the winter holiday of your choice, that is an option as well. Heritage turkeys are more closely related to wild turkeys, and are leaner, juicier, and have darker meat than conventional birds. Our turkeys range from around 6 pounds, to about 25 pounds.  We charge $6/pound if you come help on processing day, or $7/pound oven-ready.  As of 2019, we are no longer offering Standard turkeys (which are larger, but have many more health problems and are harder and more expensive to raise). We sell turkeys via a pre-reservation system — you can reserve a bird anytime from April onwards, and put down a $20 deposit to hold your bird (cash, check, venmo, or paypal), and tell us roughly what size you’re looking for.  Then you either sign up for a work-shift on turkey processing day (for a $1/pound discount on your bird), or plan to show up that day with a cooler to pick up your bird.  We will make processing day arrangements in advance by email. To be sure of hearing about our turkey sales in a timely way each year, you can sign up for our Turkeys mailing list.   


Sunflower River raises 25-50 meat chickens each summer. Our birds are raised on a combination of pasture and local (Oñate) feeds. Currently we are raising Rainbow Rangers, a fast-growing, even-tempered, red-feathered meat chicken. We process chicken in July and October, and currently also offer workshops teaching people how to process their own poultry. For more information about meat sales, please join our Farm Sales mailing list; for more information about poultry processing workshops, please join the Events mailing list.

Classes & Workshops

Currently, we are offering two poultry processing workshops every year, in July & October. These classes are hands-on, and designed to teach you how to process your own poultry from live bird to ready-for-the-oven, including a detailed, informative, hands-on approach to every step of the process. After completing this class, you will be able to process your own backyard poultry. Many people are drawn to this work for a variety of reasons — because they are raising their own chickens or other poultry, or because they want to learn to have a personal relationship with a meat animal, and engage with this ancient process on a very human level.

We also offer a class called Community Tools, taught by Tristan, which covers consensus process, as well as our various project management and decision making and facilitation tools. This is a very useful class for anybody who works with a collaborative group, whether that group is at work, in your community, or as part of an intentional-community process. This class will be offered again in August.

To hear about our workshops and classes, please sign up for our mailing list!

In the past, Jenny has taught one-day hands-on classes on cheese-making, canning, and drip irrigation systems. If there’s something you’d like to see us offer, please let us know!