Author: yarrow

  • goat yoga!

    Is there anything more cheerful and emblematic of spring than baby goats? I’m not sure there is. So in the spirit of springtime and joy and setting down your burdens to relax into the moment, Sunflower River is bringing you: Goat Yoga! Goat Yoga! Sunday, April 17th at 1pm and Saturday, May 14th, 11am with […]

  • soaps!

    we have a soap shop! while everybody was learning how to bake banana bread as their pandemic project last year, i was learning how to make goat’s milk soap. (well, and also how to back up a trailer, but that’s still a work in progress.) it’s twice as much chemistry (and therefore alchemy) as baking, […]

  • a wedding, and suddenly autumn

    Last month, Sunflower River had the pleasure of hosting the wedding of our friends Victoria and Logan. It’s been some years since we’ve hosted an event like this, and it was an unexpected delight. The farm is clean and clear, with a fresh-scrubbed feel that all of us are loving – including the happy couple. […]

  • turkey time!

    It’s that time of year again – Sunflower River has farm-fresh turkeys available! Our birds are cage free heritage birds, rich and juicy and, if we say so ourselves, delicious. We’re raising Narragansetts this year, a beautiful heritage bird with a lovely temperament. Birds range from 6-25 pounds dressed weight, and will cost $8/pound oven-ready, […]

  • a goat named July

    Back when we bought Sunflower River, and were talking about getting goats, and were working on building some infrastructure for goats, I had a conversation with a co-worker about her experience of owning goats. She said, “you know they’re a lot before you get them, but they are more even than you think. Be sure […]

  • bat houses

    Using designs provided by our neighbor, who has had bats in her bat houses for many years, our wwoof volunteer Adam built and installed these lovely bat houses. We’re prone to naming things around here, so they are Nectar House, Agave House, and Ocotillo House. We can’t wait for bats to move in! Also this […]

  • work parties

    We have four volunteers working with us on the farm for a couple months – something that hasn’t happened in quite a while. This past work party on Sunday there were 8 people on the farm for all or part of the day, and we: de-mousified all the stored insulation and moved it to the […]

  • racing into autumn

    We have been keeping extremely busy around here since the Harvest Festival. The Festival itself was, as always, a lovely day spent in the excellent company of friends old and new. Many farm tours were had, many people met the goats, much good food was eaten, and as ever, the pie contest was a dazzling […]

  • three goats of our own

    So, as I mentioned last month, we did buy July, the young wether (neutered male) from our friend Laura. Then a couple things happened very rapidly, and now we have three goats. We ended up with a choice between a mini-Lamancha/Nigerian dwarf cross doeling, and an alpine doeling. And we ended up choosing them both! […]

  • 11th Annual Harvest Festival

    You are invited to the 11th Annual Sunflower River Harvest Festival! Help us celebrate our twelfth birthday as a community by coming to our Harvest Festival, an all-ages celebration of the year, the harvest, the cycles of the seasons, of friendship and family and the beauty of the world. We’ll have a potluck, a pie-baking […]