<span class=”entryheading”><span class=”subject”>Sunflower River Open House &amp; Work Party:&nbsp;

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As most of you know, Sunflower River is currently in the process of buying land—3.5
acres in the South Valley, specifically—with the intention of building
a passive solar strawbale house, making our own electricity, raising
some livestock (chickens, goats), and growing a whole lot of food.  The
land is mostly open field toward the back, and has several very large
old cottonwood trees up front near the house and barn–and it has a
house.  The house, soon to be named Sunflower Cottage, is a smallish
2-bedroom place that comes with some projects before we can move
in–such as tearing out the carpet, clearing out the barn so that it is
adequate for storage (to start with), fixing up the chicken coop,
replumbing for greywater, installing a water filtration system in the
kitchen, and fixing some electrical details that the home inspection
revealed.  Of course we have more projects in mind than that, but that’s
roughly where we’re starting.

If all goes well, we expect to close on the land this Friday.  Four days
from now!  :)  This is tremendously exciting.  With this in mind, and of
course with the understanding that one never knows whether one is going
to close on time until one sits down at the title company and signs
seven hundred pieces of paper, we would like to invite you to an Open
House and Work Party this coming Sunday, Sept 16th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You don’t *have* to help rip carpet out to come, but we sure would
appreciate all the help we can get.  :)  And actually, we have a whole
bunch of possible projects, not just carpet: weed-cutting,
barn-clearing, chicken-fence-stapling, and a whole lot more.  And we
also are prepared to appreciate small gestures of affection: cold
lemonade, for example.  ;-D  We’re also good for that.  And really, we’d
like very much for y’all to see the place, and envision what we’re
visioning for it, and see the first steps of this very long dream coming

If you plan to help out, (which we would really really really
appreciate!) it might be a good idea to bring work gloves, and if you’d
like to look around the land, shoes suitable for wading through
waist-high weeds are a good idea. :)  That’s another project, weeds.  If
you just want to drop by and see the place but would like to bring us a
little something to sustain us through the work day, remember that Alan
is vegan and Jenny can’t eat wheat.  *grin*

If you are interested in joining us please leave a comment and we will get back to you with directions to the land.  And please consider just stopping by to see the place!