Quiet Before The Sale

It feels like the quiet before the storm this week.  Behind the scenes all the various paper work things are happening.  In corporate offices over the state our piece of land is being shuffled from Inbox to Outbox and back to an Inbox again.  The wheels are turning.  They continue to turn in our minds as well. 

Where do we plant first? What is our building time line?  How do we integrate this new way of living into lives already full with abundance?  My mother describes wisdom as ‘When you answer one question you only create one more question.”  We are not yet wise.  But we will be. 

For those who are the friends of the creators of Sunflower River I predict you are about to see great change in us.  Change as we reach for something we are driven to manifest.  How that will look to all of you I dare not guess.  But when the dreamers take hold of the dream change is the only outcome on which we can predict.