Kat: bathroom remodel photos

a few weeks ago, we decided we weren’t getting enough demolition in our lives, so instead of going to the Sky Island party that everybody was talking about, Jenny, Rev and I, with assistance from Kay, Amber and Alan (who all took on child-care and fetch-quests in support of the project), took apart the cottage bathroom, and put it together again.

here are the results of my 10pm tile-laying activity:

and Jenny’s committment to turning the bathtub tiles Actually White, and the walls a nice mild blue:

(here’s a midway-through photo on that front):

(including the mysterious grout otter, center of the top row)

and Rev’s shelf-building activities over the previous weeks:


and Gawain’s persistent desire to be in the middle of things:

we are all very pleased with the new look, and the nice cleanable tile floor, and the massively improved storage situation. there’s one more shelf to install, and a few small paint touch-ups to take care of, and then the project is well and truly finished.