Work Party Calendar

Just a quick reminder that our next work party is this Saturday, March 7th, from 10:30 a.m. to sundown. As usual, we’ll provide a hearty vegetarian lunch.

Projects on the list have been sorted out into three main areas: setting up the playhouse (this is a kid’s jungle-gym type thing, but wooden), moving Really Big Logs back to where we want to use them for seating in the ritual grounds, moving/chipping the piles of sticks that are presently all over the goat field, and in the garden, setting up support for peas, and setting up the drip system.

Work party dates for the next year are:

Sunday April 5th (grape arbors, turkey coop & fencing)
Sunday May 10th (turkey coop)
Saturday June 27th (gutters!)
no July work party
Sunday, August 9th
Saturday, September 5th
Sunday, October 4th
Saturday, November 7th
no December work party
Sunday, January 3rd
Saturday, February 6th