work parties

We have four volunteers working with us on the farm for a couple months – something that hasn’t happened in quite a while. This past work party on Sunday there were 8 people on the farm for all or part of the day, and we:

  • de-mousified all the stored insulation and moved it to the cottage attic (no actual mice found, but we unbagged and examined every piece to make sure; several cockroach eggs removed)
  • added 2′ of height to the west side of the pasture fence, watched the goat ooze out of a ground-level hole while we did so, and fixed said hole
  • put goats back in a total of 5 times
  • learned that a goat can ooze
  • finished fencing the asparagus bed and also weeded it
  • finished the hay barn
  • weeded epic amounts of horse nettle around the property
  • AND Rev fixed my yurt door
  • and I pruned some elms that were leaning on the wall

Okay, so maybe learning that a goat can ooze through a hole less than a quarter the size of said goat was not really productive, per se, but it was very informative.  And after that, our volunteer Adam inspected the entire pasture fence for ground-level holes or other weaknesses that the goat could exploit.

We certainly have plenty of work days where there are only four of us, and so comparably less stuff gets done, and work days where no matter how many people we throw at it, we can’t finish a project, either due to the largeness of the project, or to delays of many kinds, or general lack of energy, or anything.  But this work party felt great, and really demonstrated the potential inherent in the work-party structure, so I thought I’d mention it.  If you are interested in coming to a work party or two, sign up for our email list!  If you click the Contact Us link in the menu, it’ll take you to the sign-up page.