talking turkey–and chicken.

Sunflower River is gearing up to place an order of turkey chicks, which we
plan to raise up for the 2009 turkey-eating season. If you are interested
in purchasing an organic, free-range turkey from us, this is your chance to
reserve one! These will be heritage birds, not “standard” breeds.
Heritage birds have more dark meat than your average “butterball” turkey,
and the toms can grow to be very large. Many people feel that heritage
birds have more (and richer) flavor, as well. They’re also smarter; the
story you hear about turkeys drowning in the rain applies to “standard”
corporate-meat-production breeds.

This year, we will raise turkeys for the thanskgiving/christmas season by
reservation only. To reserve your bird, we’ll need a $20 deposit by
Monday, February 23rd. We will take a maximum of 20 reservations.

We are working out what the price per pound will be for the mature birds,
but the price will be comparable to a similar organically raised heritage
bird purchased from another CSA, the co-op, etc. Generally, it ends up
being around $50 per bird, and we are anticipating asking a price in this
neigborhood, for ready-to-bake birds. However, if you are interested in
earning a discounted rate on your bird, you can sign up to come down to the
farm and help with the butchering of your turkey. This is an experience
that provides a great deal of perspective on meat-eating and our role in
the ecosystem in general. We understand that not everyone would like such
an experience, but for those that are interested, the option is open.

If you’d like to reserve a bird, please email or call us over the next week!

Additionally, we are adding to our chicken flock. We’re increasing our
laying flock, and getting broilers. If you are interested in raising your
own chickens, and would like to go in with us on an order of day-old
chicks, please drop me a line! We have had success ordering with a group
of people, and then raising the birds in our brooder to pullet-size (8
weeks), then sending them off to their new homes (for instance, in your
yard). The cost to you would be the cost of the day-old bird, plus the
feed for the two months we’re raising it. It comes out to something around
$8 per bird. Chickens are incredibly easy to keep, and very rewarding. If
you’ve been thinking of getting your own chickens, this could be a good
opportunity. Let us know if you’d like more details.

Sunflower River
Kat, Alan, Jenny & Tristan