sunflower river pics



Undifferentiated mass of 6 ft tall weeds from slightly in front of the barn, all the way back past the cottonwood. 

And After (apologies for poor-focus twilight photos):

we may let goats just eat those elm trees by the barn door next summer, thereby solving that little problem with a minimum of effort.  i hear goats like elms.  i’m looking forward to that part.

we’re also giving ourselves a prettier living room:

coming up this weekend: prying the baseboards off, painting peach under them, painting the baseboards white, and re-attaching them, considerably closer to the floor than they currently are. :)

and that floor is getting prettier: this is most of the way through the first coat of polyurethane.  coat two is going on tomorrow, and three on sunday.  hopefully we’ll get a fourth on there next week before moving in.

more to come next week, including, hopefully, tile photos!  we’ll be working down there again tomorrow, and preparing to move in next Sunday.