Spring Cleaning

We spent last weekend up to our eyebrows in spring cleaning projects — clearing leaves out of both the acequias, and tilling the garden for an early spring planting!

Our north neighbor Manuel asked us to pitch in on clearing mud and leaves from the concrete acequia this year, so two of us spent the day on that.

Before: waist-deep leaves, with a 2-3″ layer of dry mud caked on the bottom.


That felt good at the end of the day. Though it also felt sore.

Another crew finished clearing leaves from the mud ditch and lowering it a bit.

Meanwhile, a third team tackled the dry, drought-hardened garden soil, which had to be turned in chunks, and then broken up.

We hope to finish that project this week, as well as adding compost to all the rows, setting up the trellising and irrigation for spring, and getting the spring planting done before we leave for our Annual Retreat next weekend. Anybody want to come help out on Friday? Jenny and I will be tackling it again all day! We’d love a hand.