it is traditional here to line walkways with luminarias (more accurately called farolitos) on the 24th of December, by way of illuminating the path home. Since we finished building (and mostly plastering) our east wall this year, Jenny put up farolitos along the top of the serpentine wall, to honor the beauty of the structure and it’s place in our lives, between the world within and the world outside.

my camera is not that great at low-light shots, so these pictures are both a bit photoshopped and a bit dim in what i hope turned out to be an arty kind of way.

the line of the east wall, topped with lights, seen from the top of the north wall:

further illuminated by oncoming traffic:

from across the street:

inside the gaps:
IMG_1283 copy

film noir wall:
film noir

close-up, inside one of the window circles: