and suddenly, autumn.

this year has been on fast-forward.

autumn is late and warm so far. and very busy. the trees are only just beginning to turn, though we are more than halfway through the month, and we have not had a freeze yet. that in and of itself is not hugely unusual, but it is normally cooler at night by now. i’m worried that we’ll have another warm, dry winter, and the bugs will proliferate instead of dying off, and we won’t get the snowpack in the high country that we need to survive next summer.

but what more can we do about it? we keep on living, day by day.

cornstalks dry in the garden (note the green of the cottonwoods in the background):

echinacea in the garden — this one was a volunteer.

here’s that lovely white flower that fluffs itself up in the back fields each autumn:

and this artichoke, which i grew from seed this year, is about to flower! we’ll let this one flower and go to seed, so that the plant is stronger for next year, and can produce multiple flowers, which we will then harvest to eat. i can’t wait! fresh artichokes!

we’re still harvesting tomatoes, green beans, dry beans, peppers, and chard. we also put in a fall crop of sugar snap peas this year, which are now setting up:

pretty, aren’t they?

a view of my yurt from the bridge toward the back. this is looking toward the front of the property & the road. note that gorgeous woodpile that two visiting wwoofers put up early this month!

the lovely woodpile close up:

they also put in this border on the path into our pasture, which was sort of falling off the edge of the ditch.

early October is Albuquerque’s Balloon Fiesta. it attracts people from all over the world, and hundreds of hot air balloons float over the city for a week or so. even this far down in the Valley, we can see them:

and because i know you all love him as much as I do, here is Tattersall, chillin’ in the pirate fort of an autumn afternoon.