Year Three Retrospective in Photos

Arranged in categories; images are chronological within each category. the captions provide dates. i had it in “before” and “after” but it was too hard to track the multitude of projects in that format. :)

this is a testimony to the power of Community!

Garden & Barn

the garden & barn Sept 07

my favorite shot of the barn from Sept 07. taken more or less from where the rabbit hutches are now.

garden, january 08 or thereabouts

The Day The Tractor Came

Garden, Year One, with Kat’s Yurt, Year One.

getting started on the garden, Year Two. see that tiny upright stick behind me? that’s the apricot tree.

garden, midsummer, 2009

garden, summer 09

garden, summer 10


looking from where the yurts are now to the barn

Winter 09 — Yurts make more yurts!

looking from the Old Barn area to the yurts

then the yurts change color and sprout additional insulation. :) Dec 10.


the south side of the livingroom (dust masks because we are removing the carpet)

south side of the livingroom, post-rennovation and pre-furniture

and the livingroom floor, our first major project

floor, finished.

Goat Pen

goat pen, Sept 07. no, really, it’s totally under there. and here you all thought i was joking when i said we bought an acre of 8′ tall weeds and reformed it.

goat pen, spring 08

goat shed, Jan 09


the north end of the back yard/patio area — to take this photo today, you’d have to be where the west edge of my yurt now stands.

south end of the backyard/patio area, 2008

south end of the backyard/patio area, seen from the roof of Alan’s yurt, summer 10

Herb Garden

the herb garden, fall 08

herb garden, summer 09

herb garden, summer 10

Chicken Pen

chicken pen in Sept 07

chicken pen by Oct 07 (we did have chickens to move in right away)

chicken pen Fall 08


Thistle, Aug 08

Thistle, Feb 09

Thistle, fall 10

Rabbit Hutches

rabbit house, version 1 (freecycled)

rabbit house, version 2 (rejected after major dog attack)

change of plans: now it’s a turkey coop!

rabbit house, version 3 (current), with Thistle, also in her current version


acequia, in the process of gaining a bridge

the bridge over the acequia, spring 08

Ritual Ground

the ritual ground.

ritual ground, i think spring 08

this photo was very popular the first time, so i thought i’d repost it. getting the ritual ground in shape. see that blank area in the right in the background? that’s where the fruit trees, dye beds and grape arbors are now.

ritual ground, July 09

ritual ground and dye beds, fall 09

dye beds, summer 10

Front Fenceline

front fence.

gate, spring 10

front fenceline, last month.

from the inside, last week.


can’t have puppy pictures without kitty pictures. Tattersall among the leaves, fall 09.

Tatters Approves of This Sunbeam.

Lucille in 2009 (requiescat in pace, Nov 2010)

Masala, 8 wks old, Nov 10