Work Party tomorrow, Saturday Feb 23rd.

[work party]As I’ve previously mentioned, we’ve having a work party tomorrow, Saturday February 23rd.

We’ve finished building the greenhouse given to us by , but we’re going to level some ground for the final install. Additionally, we’ve got some things to clear out of our garden field (sticks and trash) to make it ready to plough. we’ve managed to do quite a lot of this in between other tasks, but we bought unbelievable quantities of sticks and trash when we purchased Sunflower River. We’ll continue to consolidate both tomorrow.

Additionally, Sunflower River will be hosting an Ostara gathering, and we need to continue working on the ritual area. We’ve had the grandmother cottonwood tree trimmed of dead, dangerous branches, and we’ve cut down many weed elms in the area. On top of that, we’ve swept enough of the leaves and mulch away to *see* the tree stumps, which is what we’ve going to focus on tomorrow. We’ve got a breaker bar (my new favorite tool, it’s a lot of fun) and shovels, and i’ve done enough stumping now to have a handle of how to get them out relatively quickly. With a few people on this we should be able to finish clearing the major tripping hazards.

If somehow we have too much time on our hands, we’re also going to clear the area we’ve set aside for rabbits[1] and finish building the hutch. This will involve a bit of carpentry, some weeding, and laying of fencing and shade cloth–much like our chicken pen.

It would be great if you can make it down! There will be food ready to hand and a big lunch included as part of the deal.

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[1]: btw, we’re getting angora rabbits. A friend of raises them, and she needs to cull her herd.