Work Party This Saturday

The next Sunflower River work party will be Saturday, May 17th, 11 a.m. to sundown, lunch included as usual.

The theme this month is wrapping up projects that are half-done. :-) Priority projects include:

  • install the gate on the livestock area so we can let the chickens roam without letting them into the garden
  • add chicken wire to the roof of the chicken & rabbit enclosures
  • finish dividing the rabbit enclosure & hutch
  • finish cleaning up the old-barn area
  • and of course, more stump-removal!
  • There’s also going to be some gardening activity–planting, irrigation, and setting up toad habitat. We will be ready to plant beans and corn by this time, and to set some of the squashes out.

Hope to see you then! Remember to bring work gloves!