Work Party Sept 26

Wonderful People,

Hugs of gratitude and love to the many people who came out and made our August work party such a success! As we have the last few months, we made significant progress on the wall — and there’s more to be done! It’s as much plaster work now as it is laying bags, but there’s plenty of both that needs to happen. Plastering includes throwing mud at the wall (we’ll teach the fancy technique for that), and there is room for plaster sculpting to happen! If you want to come get your hands in the mud, this is your chance!

And, there’s still a stretch of wall that needs to be created out front! Wall building involves wheelbarrows full of earth, filling earthbags as the wall goes along, tamping and laying mortar (barbed wire) between courses. We are pushing to get this wall project finally finished, and can use all the help we can get in manifesting that reality!

Harvest-related activities such as food preservation are also likely.

So bring your work gloves and come on down to the farm! We’ll get started around nine and go till sundown. We’ll also feed everybody breakfast around 11 and lunch around 2, and we try to send all our volunteers home with farm goods.

Gratitude in abundance!

on behalf of Sunflower River
Alan, Jenny, Kat & Tristan