work party pics

from the indelible

Alan and Robert making the ditch ready for the culvert

Ezra, Michelle, myself and Mona stabbing the rock-hard earth of my eventual perennials bed, while Baxter supervises from the background:

Thistle, sacked out in the shade from all the excitement:

but not too excited to pose for another gratuitous puppy photo:

Tristan and Kay conferring over lunch in the shade:

Alan in the acequia, the newly-pruned mulberry tree to the left:

that ditch took a lot of supervising:

Mona, Bex, Alan, & Tristan look on while Renick finishes attaching the coupler to the culvert.

Three layers of shoulders, and a coupler:

not content with hanging out in the ditch, Robert digs himself into a deep hole:

(finishing Alan’s cold frame garden bed)

Alan and I win against the caliche, supervised by Tristan, who was ferrying wheelbarrows:

the Scenic View:

Bex and Tristan, unloading clay onto the half-finished bridge:

Alan and the finished hole in the ground:

me, and my half-finished half-moon hole in the ground: