What is this.

Welcome to the Sunflower River Blog.  You are probably reading this because you are a member of Sunflower River, a friend or family of a member, or you are interested in eco-villages, sustainable living, homesteading, permaculture, living with the land,  or something like these things.

I personally hope that this is a place where we can share our experiences.  That is to say what worked and what failed.  So others can share our experiences and maybe also lend their own experiences to us all.

As a blog the people posting articles here will all be members of Sunflower River who wish to share.  We do welcome everyone to comment and join in discussions on topics of interest so that we can all learn from each other.

Why start this blog now you ask.  Good question. Because the members of Sunflower River are very close to buying land that will become our home and it seemed appropriate to start talking to the world as we manifest ourselves in that world.

So welcome along as we begin our journey.