we’re still here!

it’s been quite a spring, with the usual quotient of too much to do, and a long gap in our volunteer hosting, which means we’re running a little slower than usual this spring, and a little less on the computer and more in the garden, which is no bad thing.

Jenny designed new bean trellises this year, and although we are not yet growing beans up them, since the weather has scarcely warmed up yet, we are growing peas, tomatoes, and an experimental batch of jicama plants up them. they are beautiful, and they reuse a material we have too much of: elm branches.

here is the progression of the trellises through spring so far:





and as you can see, they are beautiful and functional, and the garden is very green this year, partly from all the rain we’ve been getting, and partly because half of the garden is a mix of many different species on each row, rather than one crop per row.