we’re back!

happy spring! it’s certainly very springlike here on the farm – 60 degrees and sunny one minute, and snowing sideways the next. seedlings in the greenhouse and pregnant goats in the field.

you may have noticed that our website got hosed and went down in a spray of formatting errors and 404s last year. we’re pleased to report that we’re up and running again! however, the experience of getting hacked also hosed all of our media files, and getting 15 years of photographs re-synced with 15 years worth of blog posts is, well, not going to happen. so we’re just starting fresh from here. previous posts were mostly designed as photo posts, and i’m sorry to say we’ve lost all that documentation in this format. spring is a good time for a clean slate, in any case. for a good visual representation of Sunflower River, you can also follow us on instagram.

we’ll try to post here more regularly as we move forward! you can expect to see more visual upgrades to the site rolling out now that we have the basics put back together.