we rearranged the garden

it’s like rearranging the livingroom, except with a tractor. we are rotating the beds 90* from their previous orientation, so now they will be half as long, and run north-south (instead of east-west) with a central east-west path from greenhouse to barnyard. this should improve our irrigation, as well as crop rotation.

and it feels nice to move everything around.

it has been a very collaborative project. first we brought in 5 truckloads of manure from our friend Kendra’s place down the road.

then Chris from Ironwood came over with the tractor and tilled:

with the helpful assistance of one brave chicken; the others stayed away from the tractor, not being used to that much noise.

then it snowed the next day — thanks, weather!

and since then, our intern Kenan has been making the new garden beds. this is the result.

Saturday, we’ll finish the last “little” details, like pea trellises and drip irrigation, and begin the Spring Planting. welcome, Spring!