We Need Help Moving A Shed

Wonderful People,

As many of you have heard, we are having a new well drilled. (for those who haven’t heard, it’s a long story, and most of it can be found on ). In order to put the well where the County Environmental Dept wants us to put it, we need to relocate the kitchen shed–that’s the smaller, slate shed that sits next to our pumphouse. They’re going to drill in the space that the kitchen shed presently occupies, and when that’s over and done with, we’ll put the shed back, somewhat to the south to accomodate the new well pad.

Which all boils down to moving a shed. It’s a heavy shed. We’ve moved it once before, with help from six or so incredible volunteers, to get it to the property. This will be easier–there are no trailers to contend with! And we’re moving it less distance. We’re going to move it in front of the pump house for the time being, and slightly to the northeast, so we can still come and go from the pump house, as this will get it completely out of the way of the well-drilling rig.

So….anybody interested in coming down this coming Saturday, March 28th, to help move a shed? We’ll get started at 2 pm. We could really use the help!

Thank you!!!!

With love & gratitude,
Kat, Alan, Tristan & Jenny
Sunflower River