Wall Art Plaster party day!

You are invited to an art-making day on the earthbag wall at Sunflower River! Parts two and three!

Saturday, October 14, 1 – 5 p.m.

and Saturday, Oct 21st 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Come make art on our earthbag wall! The theme is plants & animals, and we invite you to come sculpt a bas-relief plant or animal on the interior of the Sunflower River property wall! Some specific things we are looking for include: dragonflies, flowers and plants, and a roadrunner! We’re also open to suggestions from you, the artists!

The material we’ll use to sculpt is a cementacious plaster mix (contains portland cement, lime, sand and water), so gloves are required. We’ll have a box of nitrile gloves available, as well as sculpting tools (we’ve found that plastic knives are the perfect thing).

Through trial-and-error, we have learned that the best process has been to have a photo of the thing you want to make, and then use the photo as a reference to create a charcoal sketch on the wall (we have charcoal), and then build up the sculpture from there.

We would love, love, love to have some more awesome art up on the wall this year! Come play! We hope to see you there!