wall art! 2018 edition

This summer, we hosted our first wall-art party in a couple of years. It was an outrageous success — 7 artists (okay, including three people who were living on the farm at the time — but only one of those is a permanent resident) showed up to create works of art in cement plaster on the inside of our earthbag property wall.

Kaitlyn Bryson working on a mycelium sculpture behind the compost

i got a couple more cornstalks added to my long-paused ongoing project — two more left to do, and then the rainstorm beside it, until this piece is finished. and then the Bull of Lasceaux, but that’s another piece.

our intern Nettie crafted this exquite wildflower

and our intermittent intern Sammy, who also painted the gorgeous mural on the potting shed a few years ago, added a sunflower to match, which she plans to add to at our next Wall Art Day in September!

and Evan created this charming Woodhouse Toad, whose cement texture delightfully replicates the texture of the actual animal

We are planning our next Wall Art Day for September 22nd, and would love to see you there!