Video of “Where are your Keys?”

“It’s not who wins, it’s who brings the largest community with them.” -Evan Gardner

This weekend Sunflower River hosted Evan Gardner and Willem Larsen for a workshop on the Language Fluency game “Where are your Keys?”.

The workshop went extremely well, with roughly twenty people attending in two sessions, morning and evening. It is very difficult to adequately describe “Where are your Keys?” It is a game much better shown and played. Much of the game involves evaluating the crowd and adjusting technique and direction based on how everyone is doing.

To overcome this limitation, the WAYK crew filmed the event.

If you were curious about this class but not able to attend, please head over to the “Where are your Keys?” blog and watch the video.

It is also embedded below:

If you’re interested in playing this game, please contact me or comment below. We’re forming WAYK groups now based on languages people are interested in learning together.

I’m also working on applying some of these techniques and the theory behind them in other community work. I’d love to have a conversation on that topic if this video inspires you for non-language fluency building.