Produce is finally coming in. After the drip system failure at the end of July, i kind of gave up in despair for a few weeks, but some stuff has struggled through anyway. The weeds are doing fine.

But so are the tomatoes, in particular our heirloom “yellow taxi” variety. we’ve also got brandywines, a few coming in, and i planted purple calabash, but those don’t seem to have made it; at least nothing is ripening in a way that suggests that’s what it is. we’re also getting a decent cucumber harvest, and have had a few zucchini come in, though nothing like what we ought to have had. more soil improvement; that’s on the fall/winter project list.

meanwhile, came over last weekend and took some splendid photographs around the farm.

The really entertaining tomatoes there are “pleated zapotecs” from our friends at Ironwood Farm.

These two silly goats we’ve been boarding for Eustacia (which has had the happy effect of teaching the puppy some things about interacting with goats, and allowing her to bond with them). That’s Granite on the left, and his big brother Magic on the right. I love this photo

Here’s the little mud-dog herself, growing visibly by the day:

a portrait of our noisiest beast, the rooster:

That’s Ora preening her feathers behind him.

and what we’re raising the most of, in spite of the chickens’ best efforts:

they’re everywhere, and they eat everything, including pest-resistant plants of all sorts. and Jim got a few really good shots of them, so i’ll share here.

The rest of the images are here. Thanks, !