Upcoming work days

In February, there are two work parties planned involving :

  • On Saturday, February 16th, the Sunflower River crew will be over at Ironwood Farms helping to build fences for new livestock this spring. We’re trading a work day with Chris and Jenny to borrow their tractor for tilling our vegetable garden. Chris and Jenny are also interested in trading labour for farm products. If you’d like some beef, vegetables, eggs, or other items; or if you’d just like to come out and see Ironwood, I’d love to see you there! I’m happy to cross-trade mead for any of the above if you’d rather have mead. Ironwood is on the other side of the river from us, and on 10 acres. It is really an incredible place! We can carpool from Sunflower River or i can provide directions.
  • The next weekend, on Saturday, February 23rd, Sunflower River is having their own work party. On our agenda is continued cleanup and stump removal from the ritual area (there will be an Ostara ritual in March we’re preparing for), Clearing the soon-to-be turkey pens of weeds and garbage, and consolidating the 10 piles of wood scattered about into one pile of wood. We’ll also be doing some garden preparation if you’d like to learn about sprouting and early seed preparation.

We’ve been experimenting with making cheese from the milk at Rasband Dairy (our local cow dairy, just down the street), which we’ll have on-hand and be happy to send you away with some!

If you haven’t been down since the yurt was set up, you should come down to see it. has done a lot of work turning it into a wonderful addition to our farm!

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