transpotting & sprouts.

i repotted/transplanted (i keep saying “transpotted”–yay, English) all the Yellow Taxi heirloom tomatoes, and the Purple Calabash heirloom tomatoes, and the Brandywine heirloom tomatoes. There weren’t enough pots left after that to transpot the Corona hybrid tomatoes, or the second batch of yellow taxis, that sprouted late. those will have to wait for Friday, while i accumulate wrong-sized pots of various sorts in the meantime.

i finally planted out the onions and purslane that have been needing to get into the ground for weeks and weeks. here they are immediately prior to being planted in the out of doors:

and this morning, and i noticed the first corn sprouting! there were only a handful of beans and a couple of corn sprouts this morning, but by the time i went out again to look at them with this evening, there were easily twice as many. yay, corn! and beans, yay, beans! goodness knows we eat enough of them; if this experiment goes well, we might grow twice as much next year. :)

del norte beans:

i’m sad this one is blurry because if it had actually come out, it would have been the perfect photo, so i’m subjecting you to it anyhow in all its blurred splendor:

uncurling beans:

this corn is so new, it’s still unbending:

this morning’s first-sprouted beans, with a full set of leaves on already and more on the way:

i love the intense vigor with which beans and corn grow. POW they’re up and sprouting and suddenly a foot tall and then next thing you know, you can’t even *see* over them they’re so huge. i’m ready for that!

the edamame is starting to come up as well, as is the okra. (i know, okra. slime-capsules. but everyone else here says they like it. but we’re growing more eggplant than i know what to do with, because i like it so much, so it works out. –on that note, i have eggplant seedlings to give away. let me know if you want one!)

emergent Edamame:


alfalfa coming up as a cover crop on the center portion of the garden, where it is going to break up the clay and attract bees and serve as either greenmanure or animal feed, or both (and where it is surrounded by the long-leafed native kosha, which is a cheerfully abundant and invasive volunteer, and luckily also happens to be a high-protien, solidly nutritious animal feed in its own right, which produces no thorns, stickers or poisons and is therefore going to be allowed to flourish in select areas until we get a pasture going in which we can seed the blessed stuff and give it free reign–and goats):

Meanwhile, back in the greenhouse:

tomato, singular:

tomatoes, plural:

tomatoes, abundant:


a starburst of delicata squashes:

squash portraiture:

the whole cast on the north wall, in mellow evening light (that’s my excuse for not touching it up in photoshop–wait till i get to work tomorrow):

Front to back: eggplants, anaheim chile, basil in the black pot, tomatillos stage left, and three gallon-pots of cassava in the back row (there are two others, but they’re camera-shy).