This weekend’s work party

So, we are still planning on having a work-day on Saturday, in spite of the forecast for rain/snow. The deck is built but not yet insulated, and so the work we will be doing is cutting the thin insulation, stapling that on, attaching a layer of wire mesh 1″+ above it (between joists), applying the batt insulation, and capping that with a final layer of wire mesh. my minimum goal, if it’s not raining at 10 a.m. when we want to get started, is to complete the insulation. Then we’ll need to cut and attach the deck surface, which is 1/2″ plywood. if we get that far, that’d be fantastic. The final step is sanding & polyurethaning the deck surface, and i don’t expect to get that far on saturday, though i am giving sunday morning to this project, too (but most of my cohorts can’t, as sunday has other committments on it, too). ideally, we’ll get the insulation done and the pieces cut on saturday, and *fingers crossed* hopefully attached. if not, i’ll attach them on sunday morning. then sunday i’ll also plan to sand & finish. if all that works out, we’ll be putting up the yurt this coming weekend, on either the 15th or 16th—whichever day we’re not helping move! :)

if we don’t get that much done, than anything left over will be done the weekend of the 15-16th, and i’ll plan to set the yurt up after LongDance, on the 24th.

And we’re having a party for New Year’s Eve/Alan’s Birthday/Housewarming, from late afternoon on Dec 31st, onwards! fire circle, drum jam, byob, etc. :)