the wall: the front is built! well, almost.

Saturday we had a stellar team of volunteers come out to put in a day on the wall. we finished the front! for a second definition of finished — the main stretch is completely done up to the south apse, and we installed the package chute for the new mailbox, and filled in the big hole in the wall around that area, which feels VERY good.

South end of the East wall:

the only remaining unfinished bit:

look, no hole! that box is the package chute, which will get a door on the outside that has a small door set into it, the little one for letters, the big one for packages. inside will be a box, with a bolt on it, so that is easy for us to check the mail inside the wall, easy for UPS etc to deliver packages to us, and not a security breach.

from outside, including wet plaster around the area that needed emergency plaster repair. what is now wood will be covered in roofing paper & chicken wire, then mudded over to match the rest of the wall. i promise, the final look will be very svelte (or anyway, very “traditionally southwestern, made of mud,” which actually goes pretty far around here). Rev has the exterior doors almost finished.

we also got one of the two C-shaped curves in the north wall filled in up to a bit over 4′ high, whereupon we ran out of both time and bags. oops. more bags are on the way, and we hope to create more time after they arrive.