Thank you for the Work Party!

HUGE THANK YOUS to everybody who came out to see the place and helped do stuff at Sunflower River this weekend! We got a truly astonishing amount of work done–more than any of us expected to finish in one day! We will do this again on Sunday, Sept 30th: this time, more weeding, refinishing the livingroom floor, possibly laying tile in the bedrooms, painting the pumphouse and kitchen shed, building the compost bins, stapling chicken-wire around the now-free-of-weeds henyard, and hopefully the electrical repairs.

For everything that got done yesterday, Enormous Hugs of Gratitude are going out to:

for helping with everything, starting first thing in the morning with pallet-hauling, carpet tearing, trash clean up and the barn, and then hauling trash to the transfer station as well. Not to mention those wonderful peaches! Thank you so much!

Thank you to Scott and Shara for a lovely housewarming gift, plus dehydrator screens so we can double our dried fruit production, and the offer of other household items–we really appreciate it. And thanks to Scott for helping to haul trash! Thanks to Ezra for a lot of weeding, and to for a truly wonderful and supportive amount of delicious lunch and snack food! You really went all-out, and we REALLY appreciate it! Thank you!

Thanks are due to Rhiannon and Micaela (our favorite 4-year-olds) for planting a peach pit so we can grow peaches–thank you, girls! Thanks to Shara, Dee and Ezra for taking care of the kids at various points so that others could help work.

Thanks to for loaning us tools so we could take out the carpet. Thanks to for breaking up the old deck, and to Terren and Saint for digging out the Most Impossible Laundry Line Ever. Thanks to and Heather for bringing wonderful healing & hydrating juices–that ginger was exactly what I needed!

Thank you to , , and for helping get that shed off the trailer and settled, and to for general floor-refinishing advice (we plan to do that on the 30th). Thanks to for bringing excellent snacks and some dinner-food, and for weeding and clearing a path through the back woods.

Thanks to Lionel and for bringing tools, and for checking out the electrical problems and agreeing to take care of them, and for installing the thermostat, and for getting that heater turned off. And thank you for figuring out how to get power to the yurt when we get it set up! And big thanks to Meggie for bringing me get-well food (saltines) so I could recover and pull my own weight by the afternoon! :)

Thanks to Karen for making us lovely treats, even though she couldn’t make the work party! And to for all-around support and love! And to Baxter for being the cutest and most unobtrusive on-site dog all day.

We will do this again on Sunday, Sept 30th! Hope to see y’all there! If you haven’t had a chance to see the place yet, this’ll be another great opportunity!

Love and blessings to all,