Sunflower River’s 7th Annual Harvest Festival

Come one, come all!

We’re turning 8! Therefore, it must be our 7th harvest festival!

Sunflower River will host our annual Harvest Festival on Monday, September 7th — yes, Monday. it’s Labor Day! so, since you (very likely) have the day off, come on down to spend it in good company. Come on down to celebrate the turning of the seasons, enjoy the harvest, and spend a fun afternoon in excellent company at Sunflower River!

Potluck — bring a dish to share!
Pie Contest– Bake a pie and bring it! A highlight of the day! Prizes!
Bobbing for Apples, Horseshoes, etc
Farm Tours
Open Music Jam

Bring your friends and family for this all-ages celebration of the year, the harvest, the cycles of the seasons, of friendship and family and the beauty of the world.

*Pie Contest Details: it’s best to bake pies in a clear glass pie-pan, so that the bottom crust can be seen. Storebought pies, and pies made from mixes, are not eligible for the contest. Contest will be judged promptly at two, so if you want to get in on that, don’t be late!

If you bob for apples, you can get a token to be in line first for pie-eating after the contest!

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Loved attending your Labor day festivities. Thanks so much. Great group of people and congrats on a thriving community. Food and pies were great. Hope to attend a work day in the future.

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