sunflower river photos

The barn, and what will soon be the chicken coop, seen from the north.  This is before we started weeding on sunday–the ragweed forest is gone from the chicken pen now, and from the whole area in front of the barn.

the barn, from the north, pre-weeding

The cottonwood tree on the far right is the giant Grandmother Cottonwood that overarches the ditch.  The photo includes only a small portion of that tree! THe trees to the back are mostly elms.  Which we learned last night that goats will eat.  Which may be a good thing, given the number of small scrubby elms on the back acreage. 

The old barn, which i’ve been calling the Resource Barn, because it’s less a structure than a pile of construction-related resources.

the old barn

Isn’t that just the quintessential old farm photo?  ;-D  a fair bit of the lumber is reusable, as long as we’re careful taking it apart.  There are some usable project/work tables inside, too. 

These are the only photos that came out from my camera.  I’m waiting for the photos that and other folks took that day. :)

and from Ezra, some foliage from the back acreage:

cottonwood tree

This is the Grandmother Cottonwood and some of the elms that surround her.