Sunflower River is turning ten years old!

It’s a little hard to believe how fast the time has flown by. We read a homesteading book our first year, that advised us that we would over-estimate what we could get done in one year, and under-estimate what we could accomplish in ten. There are definitely things we thought we would have gotten to by now (goats? possibly mythical, hypothetical goats?), and also things we have accomplished that were barely on our original ten-year plan (giant earthbag property wall! buying and rennovating an entire ‘nother house!)

A couple things we’ll be doing to mark this anniversary — first, our Harvest Festival this year, on September 4th (yes, Monday of Labor Day!) will be a celebration of our birthiversary. I’m going to go back through the archives on this blog and find the five-year photo retrospective i did a while ago, and take new photos from those same angles, and post a ten-year photo retrospective, documenting the scope of the changes we have enacted on and with our land.

Aside from that — what are your ideas? How should we celebrate this? We’re open to hear suggestions! Especially for things that could be done at the Harvest Fest. Feel free to comment here!


We bought the first property that became Sunflower River in September 2007. It was 3.5 acres of weeds and potential, with some slightly-ratty outbuildings and one little house shaded by giant cottonwood trees. Ten years later, it is four acres, two yurts, two houses, a big garden, a few weeds (but not a patch on those first couple years!), two ritual circles, a dance ground, a greenhouse, intern housing, some pretty solid outbuildings (including three that we added), and a pond — all shaded by giant cottonwood trees. and it’s still got a lot of potential. and we’ve still got a lot of plans for it.

so many intentional communities don’t make it this far. I’m very proud of Sunflower River, that we have talked through (and continue to talk through!) our differences, and remained committed to our core vision and our integrity as a group.

Here’s that vision, still just as true as the day we wrote it:

Sunflower River is joyfully creating a sanctuary wherein we embody and promote sustainability, spirituality, adaptability, and safety, within ourselves, our community, our land, and Gaia.

It has held up well to the rigors, trials and triumphs of the years.

here’s to the next ten!