sunflower harvest fest

Monday’s Harvest Festival — our second annual, and in celebration of our third birthday on the land — went spectacularly well. Over the course of the day, 80 or so people came by, but with the event spread out across the land, this meant there were many little parties going on all afternoon, around the apple bobbing, the pie contest, the music area, the potluck, and up near the house.

this year’s pie contest first prize — for the second year in a row! — went to our lovely Amber! Tristan and I successfully gamed the system and won second prize (he made the crust, i made the apples, and we made two pies the night before so we could eat the inferior one before the harvest fest — a winning strategy!), which we passed on to the person who won third prize, Kristen. late in the afternoon, my poetry/music band, Walking Breath performed to a much larger crowd than i thought we’d attract — some 40 people came out back to listen to us! Sharon Knight happened to be in town, so she and her partner Winter performed a few songs when Walking Breath wrapped up, and then we segued into an open jam. Lovely music, lovely dancing! by sundown, that was drawing to an end, and Scotty wanted to light a fire in the fire ring, so a few of us sat with the flames for a few more hours, talking and catching up.

the day was warm, sweet and mellow. many good conversations, much sweetness.

Amelia & Thistle winning everyone’s hearts:

Tristan and our pies, the night before:

Pie contest preparation:

Sandy evaluating a pie:

did i say pie? some of the lovely offerings:

Fox looking into the trees:

Walking Breath

Erin reading:

Kat listening:

Kat reading:

my favorite photo. :)

Kat and Rev:

my lovely new hair falls:

Mattie playing the bass banjar:

Rev drumming & didging:

3/4 of the band, plus audience:

Sharon and Winter performing: