sumer is icumen in

with flowers. this lovely mallow, in particular.

it’s an explosion of color. now that the yellow rose has ceased blooming for the summer, the mallow is taking over the job of being cheerful right outside my yurt door.

tomatoes in bloom:

corn is up!

we have about 70% germination, i think. we’re going to interplant in the blank spots with sweet annie, an artemesia that prevents corn borers, and broom corn.

beans! we put in more beans this year than ever before. These are Early Contender bush beans, interplanted with okra.

the rows greening up.

butterfly bush on the garden edge, a gift from Brian:

butterfly bush flowers

we’ve had two pomegranate bushes die on us, one each of the last two years, but we are determined. here is Pomegranate The Third.

Tattersall appreciates the shade from the solar panel. also the bean patch. he managed to lay down exactly between the beans, not squishing anything.

which is so cute you get to see it again.

twice. ’cause i’m like that. i think this one is my favorite.

gaillardia about to blossom

egyptian walking onion, beginning to “walk”

and one of our new interns, Lily, gave Thistle a haircut for the summer. the dread-dog becomes a sheep-dog!