spring cleaning

spring cleaning includes having the eight gorgeous huge Rio Grande Cottonwood trees that surround our house pruned to remove deadwood. these trees are part of why we bought this property. they shade the house and shelter us, and they are absolutely stunning, with enormous calm presences. the house and yurts nest around them in sanctuary.

so we are careful to take good care of them. this year, we had a friend who is an arborist come down to prune deadwood out, and remove some branches that were dangerously overhanging the house & power lines. the resulting canopy is light, airy, and feels far healthier. freed from dead weight, the live branches lift up higher and reach for the wind and sun.

here’s the tree over Kat’s yurt:
my favorite view

my favorite view, straight up from the yurt’s front step:

the furthest tree, here, the one past the wall, was a mess of deadwood that was near the power lines. now it is free and clear, and oh, how lovely.
sunrise through the newly-cleaned up tree canopy

if the rest of the patio is a mess of sticks and construction projects, well, that’s nothing new. we’ll deal with it in good time.

Masala, our wild little jungle kitty, also enjoys the treetops.

and a close up: