Kat has a soap shop! while everybody was learning how to bake banana bread as their pandemic project last year, i was learning how to make goat’s milk soap. (well, and also how to back up a trailer, but that’s still a work in progress.) it’s twice as much chemistry (and therefore alchemy) as baking, and at least as fun as it is weird. the upshot of all this is that i have accumulated enough handmade soap to open a soap shop!  We’re on Etsy as Sunflower River Soaps, and you can also order soaps directly from me by email, text, or instagram DM.

currently available scents are:

rose vetiver
rosemary mint
calendula citrus
cedar & lemongrass

all soaps are made with our goats milk, as well as a variety of oils and plant-based colorants. full ingredients lists are in the etsy listings: