seasonal change

we’ve had a long wet autumn, to match our wet summer. it’s the most colorful autumn i’ve ever seen here; the extremely slow descent into cooler temperatures really allowed the trees to bring out their reds and oranges all over town. our native cottonwoods, however, did two things: the Rio Grande cottonwoods turned gold for a moment and then rapidly bronzed, and the Mountain cottonwoods that surround the house (a hybrid variety) are still green, though there are yellow leaves falling from invisible places in the canopy every day.

gold for one hot minute:

lots of rain:

some truly spectacular sunsets (taken from off University Blvd, a few miles from our house)

SO much rain

also, we grew a lot of duckweed by accident in the back pond:

rain on tomatoes:

October 30th in the garden. these are tomatoes. they are all, every one, taller than me.

for the first time ever, we grew figs! that is, our fig tree, now about 3 years old, produced a bunch of figs! they were *delicious.*


We didn’t get our first frost until well into November, but then we got a few days of it, and it’s supposed to get down to 19* tonight. the garden is put to bed, everybody is mulched, all the irrigation systems disconnected for the winter. our two excellent November interns, Maia & Sarah, are busy moving chicken compost into the garden, where it can finish curing for the winter in the soil.

frost on the tomatoes:

mysterious yellow leaves, falling from the still-extremely-green canopy, surround my oddly-diagonal sunbathing cat.