Rhizome Network

Sunflower River’s Rhizome network is all the other nodes in our community of sustainability. We are inspired by a dream not of self-sufficiency, but of inter-sufficiency, not unlike the ecology of a garden itself. Each piece of the network does its own thing, but what are are all doing is related, and we all support each other with skills, time, knowledge, information and resource sharing, and barter.


Nodes in the Rhizome Network include, but are not limited to:

The Garden Community Project

Ironwood Farm

The Source

EarthFire Healing Arts

Chispas Farm

Exotic Edibles of Edgewood

BTS Chocolates

Enchanted Equine Adventures

Downtown Grower’s Market

Hubbell House

Gaelan at Frijolito Farm

Fourth Base

Dragonfly Forest School (homeschool group)

Orchard Oasis

Tortuga Gallery

Ardantane Center for Pagan Learning, for which we are a local campus

Beltane Southwest

Bodhi Manda

Bodhi Tree Construction

The Growing Stage

Albuquerque Homeschool Resource Group

Greater Than Average

Alan’s VPS business, prgmr.com

Kat’s publisher, Swimming With Elephants Publications