recent snapshots

house meeting last week consisted of canning plum jam until after 11pm, using our nifty outdoor setup. A crew had been canning pickles, chutney, jam, and green bean pickles all day long, but the quantity of plums was so vast that the work kept going right through house meeting.

Jenny and Hannah judiciously adding honey to the last batch of jam:

the next day:

sculpture keeps occuring on the wall, and bit by bit we’re moving the general level of “finished” from west to east along the whole thing. rainstorm by Bracha & Talia, additional dragonflies by Ryan and Talia.

up front, we’re making incremental progress, laying a row or so at a time now, and working on the second of the four front apses.

and saturday, i spent the afternoon working on my bull, which i’m rather fond of.

summer spider season is in full force. the golden orb weavers are back:

and saturday night i saw a young black widow, a young anazasi spider, and a large wolf spider within about 15 minutes.

yesterday, those of us in town (Tristan is travelling back east this week) spent the afternoon at Pagan Pride Day in the park, where we talked to a zillion people. Rev played a set in the late afternoon.