Rabbit Hutch Deluxe

We have said that nothing with the rabbits go as planed.  Everything happens early or with some surprise twist. First the rabbits came to us out of the blue when we were only talking about having them. Then they started to kit before we had any plans on breading them. Then we had to learn how to prepare rabbit meat early. So with all this haste we have gotten things done as fast as possible without really doing much prep work. The only exception was our first rabbit slaughter which was well planned, but didn’t really go as planned.

With all that, it is also true that the rabbits take an order of magnitude more work than the chickens.

So now it is time to do some catchup on the rabbits.  To this end we have designed a new rabbit enclosure that will let us have a central feeding hopper and eventually a central watering system for all the rabbits at the same time.  Also we need to have an easier way of cleaning the cages. This has been my first foray into design and it has been a great process.  Everyone has contributed ideas and we have tossed around how to best do this with the materials at hand.

What these images don’t show is that the “walls” of the rabbit areas are removable for easy cleaning and configuration.

And with a project this big of course new woodworking tools were required.  So Kit and I went and picked up and put together an new router table to help make mortise cuts for the removable wall frames.

With any luck I will post a interim and  finished project post over the two weeks or so.