Pirate Fort Refresh

Another project we’ve been working on this autumn is the Pirate Fort. Jenny has had plans for further developing it, including a treehouse and zip line, but we’ve had a hard time prioritizing the work over other projects. This fall we had a wonderful intern family staying with us, including two kids. Nick, the kids’ dad, is a skilled carpenter, and was interested in tackling the Pirate Fort project. So a lot of things happened in a short period of time!

Nick added a window with shutters, and a ship’s wheel to the main deck of the fort. He and Rev also designed and installed a lid for the sandbox, to keep sand in and dogs, cats, etc out. They came up with a lightweight lid that the kids and lift and latch by themselves, without needing and adult to do it for them.

farm kids are very familiar with that type of latch from a young age.

The next major improvement will be the treehouse portion, which requires us to set some posts, and abbreviate some elm trees. The posts are set:

and the next stage will include cutting down some of those pesky elms, and then building the main part of the tree house. after that, one of the remaining elms becomes one end of the new zip line! we’ll post about that when we get that far… which may take a minute.