photos from the work day

pictures taken by —thank you!

The Fabled and Fabulous Greenhouse:

We moved it about 6′ right (west) of where it was when this photo was taken–fully out of the driveway & into the field. That whole field beyond it to the right is where the garden is going in.

Clearing the Field:

Removing piles of old wood, branches & cut wood and assorted debris (both trash and treasure) from the field.

Lynn and me, looking for boards buried in the leaves, while & build a rabbit hutch in the background:

While ran a crew by the big cottonwood, removing elm stumps, Debbie and I moved not just that pile of weeds, but a larger pile back by the barn. Later in the day, weeded the entire area beside the rabbit run, and we moved those to the compost, too, and then and I weeded out the future goat pens, a very large weeding task. I’ll try to remember to photograph the area so y’all can see the difference! it’s so serious that we discovered new land behind the goat pens.

Right in that moment, as you can see, we’re all supervising.

spent the day working on the rabbit run, setting up fencing and wiring bits together.

also spent the whole morning working with fencing and wire in the rabbit run, and our May King, Stephen, joined in for a while before devoting his energies to stump removal in the ritual grounds.

Meanwhile, and built the hutch itself, which is now finished, painted white and settled into the run.

Chickens helped by moving through the field after us all afternoon, eating bugs. And of course, taking dust-baths:

That’s Ora, our 3-year-old Araucana hen.

And Tattersall helped, of course. Everything is better with fuzz.

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