photo update, opening into Summer

Summer is my favorite time of year, hands down. including the heat. i love it. i am ready for it to arrive, though today it is windy and cloudy again.

blue flax in the back beds:

Alan planted this two years running, with little success. this year, it came up on its own, presumably from last year’s now cold-stratified (by our unusually cold winter) seeds. next time, we will cold-stratify all flax seeds before sowing.

emergent peas! here they come. i love this.

more peas

all the peas:

no, really, peas are quite exciting.

sunshine and chard

sunshine and all the greens

this past weekend, I got the drip irrigation installed throughout the beds that i will plant warm-season crops in this coming weekend. this bed will have bush beans & okra. and Tattersall.

these beds will have corn, pole beans, melons, tomatoes, peppers, & amaranth.

and Tattersall has any bed he wants. i believe he is hunting (or anyway, watching) a cricket.

Thistle went and dug up the herb bed under the apricot TWICE last weekend. this is my solution.

Tattersall’s preferred method of enjoying a sunny-but-windy afternoon:

this was too cute not to share. that’s my new pillow my housemates got me! and my Fluffaluffagus, chillin’.

meanwhile, Jenny has been rocking the pump house remodel. So, when we bought this property, the pump house was essentially a shell, with insulation but no interior walls, half of a floor, and a haphazard collection of shelves. This winter, we pulled everything out of it, poured the rest of the floor, sheetrocked the whole thing, painted it, organized all the well-related stuff (pump, filter, water tank, etc) into a tidy set that takes up less floor space, put in a new washing machine with a properly-plumbed greywater/sewer option valve, installed a chest freezer, and now Jenny is building custom shelves designed for the purposes for which we actually use the space.

the new view looking in the door:

and, turning to the right:

and turning again to the right:

that open space on the east wall gets another shelf someday soon, which will hold all the jam.

laundry output valve, set to the Greywater position (rotates 90 degrees to route the water to the sewer system, for instance when washing dirty diapers).

isn’t it all lovely? and functional. :)