Starting in the spring of 2012, Rev Tsolwizar and Alan Post constructed a 1,500 gallon aquaponics system at Sunflower River. This project is a ‘test system’ to evaluate the suitability of aquaponics in a desert environment. It become known as “The Pond” because it blended aquaponics with the visual aesthetic of a man-made pond.

We then spent the summer observing, tweaking, and growing things. We had successes, failures, and a whole lot of surprises. Overall the system did exactly what we wanted: it gave us a platform to experiment with. We now believe aquaponics is suitable for a desert environment, but like many gardening techniques, requires localization for the unique set of problems desert dwellers face.

This weekend we enlisted the help of Mattie Greenman to create a short film of the system. Regular readers of this blog will have seen pictures and descriptions of individual pieces of the system. This is our first attempt to provide a coherent picture of the system.


The Sunflower River wiki contains our collected reference information on The Pond, as well as general design information about Aquaponics.