meanwhile, spring.

other things are going really well. we’ve been blessed with fantastic help so far this year. the garden is doing well, baby chickens & turkeys prospering, progress on other projects proceeding apace.

apple blossoms

cherry blossoms

afternoon light across the neighbor’s field

cottonwoods leafing out — here is the view straight up from the patio

Alan brought me a forsythia! my little one got trampled this winter, in all the work behind the pump house. So he came home one day with a big one! the butterfly bush didn’t make it through the big freeze, so i planted this where that was,on the edge of the garden by the pear, and will put in a new butterfly bush this year, too.

and this year, for the first time ever, apricots!


just forming:

the austrian copper rose (though really, it’s yellow), of which i am absurdly fond, by my yurt door:

by the door:

twice, for effect. absurd, i tell you. i adore this thing.

blossoms falling in the toad pond:

covered in blossoms:

and there it is again, that late afternoon light. this time, in the big cottonwood.