Mary and Keith visit Sunflower River

Mary and Keith, two travelers that have logged 7,000 miles in search of an intentional community to call home, visited with over the weekend.

They wrote two blog entries of their own about their experiences here, which coincided with the traumatic event of a feral dog, a so-called “South Valley Ditch Dingo” breaking into our barnyard and killing several of our chickens.

Here are the two entries they wrote:

We saw them off this morning as they continued their journey. Mary and Keith are currently operating as nomadic communitarians, which is a small but burgeoning culture of travelers associated with intentional communities. Some members of WWOOF would also fit into this description, those who travel from community to community as a lifestyle, whether for one season or several.

Even though Mary and Keith plan on settling into a single community, I think the work they are doing now is vitally important to increasing the connectivity between communities, something that isn’t happening without this kind of effort. It is very easy, in a community, to become insular. To loose sight of the fact that intentional communities are effectively operating in an Open Source Ecosystem, one with a lot of experimental data on what works and what doesn’t.

Safe Travels!